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The REAL Solutions® program,
established by the Filene Research Institute in 2004, provides credit unions access to tested business models and strategies to better reach and serve new (or developing) consumer markets. In 2007, REAL Solutions® became the signature program of the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF).  Today this progressive program supports the outreach efforts of 650 credit unions in 34 states.

Primary Goals: The primary goal of REAL Solutions® is to increase the number of credit unions that attract and serve young adults, immigrants, minorities, disabled citizens, seniors and other low-wage and low wealth working families.  To do so effectively, credit unions must offer attractive products that are mutually beneficial to both the credit union and the consumer.

REAL Service

REAL Solutions evolved from a focus on transaction services to dozens of innovations.  Each league and credit union chooses which services to provide.

REAL Bottom Line

REAL Solutions helps people become credit union members, grow savings, establish credit and build assets.

REAL Innovations

Every time another credit union or league participates in REAL Solutions, new innovations become available.  You can adopt best practices from others, and add your own.

REAL Solution’s New Mexico’s Mission:

To identify, design and provide resources for youth, new Americans and households of low wealth, focusing on improving their financial knowledge, understanding and ability to make good financial decisions.

CUANM’s REAL Solutions Benefits:

  • Credit Union Communities - To improve quality of life, living conditions and financial stability for youth, new Americans and low-wealth households in New Mexico.
  • New Mexico credit unions - To sustain credit unions and allow them to grow safely, gain market share, address community needs and fulfill their mission.

REAL Solutions™ New Mexico


Juan Fernandez

CUANM Vice President




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