Bylaws revision vote February 13


January 8, 2013
Credit Union Association of New Mexico Member Credit Unions
Credit Union Association of New Mexico Board of Directors       

RE: Notice of Special Meeting of the Members

The Credit Union Association of New Mexico (CUANM) Board of Directors has requested a Special Meeting of the Membership in accordance with the Bylaws of the CUANM, Section 4.2.1. and 4.2.2.

The purpose of the meeting is to vote on recommended Bylaw changes to Article 5.  Article 5 and all supporting sections have been fundamentally changed to reflect changes in a new governance structure approved by your CUANM Board of Directors at their December 4, 2012, board meeting and submitted to you for your review and approval.  In summary the board of directors will be elected and represented by classes of credit unions based on the number of members as stated in proposed section 5.2.1.  The number of directors will be reduced from 11 to 7, and the directors’ terms of office will be three years with no term limits.  The initial election process and terms of office are outlined in the attached Addendum.  Also attached to this email are two copies of the bylaws, one with deleted text shown as strike-through text and the other with added language in highlighted text.  

Other proposed changes deal with the elimination of a treasurer’s position and creates a secretary/treasurer designation.  Two more committees have been created as Standing Committees, and Subscriber membership was changed to include only vendor applications.  Additional changes are not material but were done to modernize the bylaws and make them more current in today’s business environment. 

The Special Meeting is to be held on Wednesday, February 13 at 8:30 a.m. at the Inn and Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Also attached to this notice is the Delegate Registration Form.  Please complete this form and return it to the CUANM office, attn.: Elisa Furlan-Young by Friday, February 8, 2013.  CUANM must have this form to allow your credit union to vote.

Please review all the materials carefully.

Certification of delegates form

CUANM Bylaws Addendum 2013 election process

2006 bylaws

2013 proposed new bylaws

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